info: the SHADOWS of HISTORY

The SHADOWS of HISTORY is the first step in building a virtual historical platform. With geopositioned movies, audio guides, augmented reality, archive images, and  QR codes which are placed at our various  destinations about the  landscape and/or buildings, tips, tutorials, etc.

Our goal is to offer more in-depth information about the history of western Sweden in an artistic, fun and interesting way, attracting all age groups  as well as tourists.
The first part in this has been to develop the films into an existing mobile guide and website about the “Västarvet” (Western heartige) through “On Spot Stories’ a Mobile App called:” 2000 years around the River Gota. “
Some 20 short films are produced and packaged for distribution there, but also for  the different channels, online and at various physical locations. The films are animated short films using shadow figures made in a playful way  by film curator Jonas Myrstrand.

The project is a collaboration between Mirahfilm / Project GROW, Studio Jox, Västarvet (Western heratige) and Bohuslän Museum with partners and members of the Academy of Fine Arts, Lindholmens Science Park and Gothenburg Film Studios.
The project is supported by the Arts Council, Region Västra Götaland Cultural, Culture in West and North Sea Screen Partners.

jonas myrstrand, STUDIO JOX +46 705891339
ingrid thornell, KULTUR i VÄST +46 703 669408